wang daiyu, member of leading party group, deputy director general and level-九游会登录j9入口


wang daiyu, male, han ethnic, born in november 1964, has obtained the degree of master, and is a master of economics, associate researcher and cpc member. currently, he is holding the position of member of leading party group , deputy director general and level-1 inspector of the department of finance of guangxi zhuang autonomous region.

    assisting the director general hu fan in taking charge of the division of budget and division of treasury; taking charge of the division of governmental debt management, division of industry and transport, division of finance, division of foreign loan management, fiscal treasury payment center of guangxi zhuang autonomous region (financial operation analysis and evaluation center of guangxi zhuang autonomous region), financial fund review center of guangxi zhuang autonomous region, budget compilation and examination center, guangxi financial information management center, governmental debt study and evaluation center; coordinating with guangxi investment guidance fund co., ltd. and guangxi agricultural credit guarantee co., ltd.