division of tax policies -九游会登录j9入口

name: division of tax policies

address: no. 69 taoyuan road, nanning city

tel: 0771-5331782

person in charge: xiong yaoxian

duties: implementing tax reform and taking charge of the construction of local tax system; drafting local tax laws and regulations, government regulations and detailed rules; putting forward plans for tax rate adjustment, tax reduction and exemption and tax policy adjustment according to the power given by laws and regulations; formulating policies for tax refunds; formulating the rules and policies for the management of non-tax revenues of governments at various levels in the autonomous region, and undertaking related work such as the management of government funds and incomes from administrative and institutional fees; reviewing and approving the qualification for of tax reduction and exemption; carrying out investigations and analyses on tax sources, and statistical analyses on tax expenditures; participate in work related to tariff management.