general office -九游会登录j9入口

name: general office

address: no. 69 taoyuan road, nanning city

tel: 0771-5337935

person in charge: sun liangquan

duties: analyzing and forecasting financial and economic situations and providing suggestions on regulatory policies; organizing the construction of the financial and economic operation information database; offering suggestions on income distribution policies and reform plans, reviewing and regulating allowance for civil servants; studying, formulating, classifying and implementing supportive financial policies for the reform of public institutions; enacting policies on the management of the revenues and expenditures related to transfers of land and other state-owned resources; managing funds for urban housing security and housing reform; formulating rules and regulations for government procurements of services; regulating activities related to lottery; setting divisional budgets with respect to housing provident fund and other aspects and dealing with relevant budgetary revenues and expenditures as well as financial transfers and payments.